Colossal Orchards, Inc.
Steve and Patty Jones
Selah, WA 98942
(509) 697-4160

Colossal Orchards consists of Steve and Patty Jones and our two Labradors, Hazel and Riley. We purchased an existing apple and pear orchard in 1990 in Selah, Washington. In 1992 we planted 10 acres of Colossal chestnuts. In 1998 due to over-crowding we transplanted 600 of our original Colossal chestnuts to another five-acre plot on our property. In the spring of 1999 we planted an additional three acres of Colossals, which bring our total number of trees to 1,920. Of these 1,580 are producing chestnut trees.

Our nuts are harvested mechanically, starting in early October for approximately four weeks. We process our nuts by hand and sort and inspect each nut. We want to ensure you receive the highest quality chestnut possible. We wash, sort and package each nut as if it was going into our kitchen.

To keep your chestnuts fresh refrigerate them as soon as possible, treat them as a vegetable. Enjoy your chestnuts and let us know how you like them. Add them to your favorite recipe for an exciting new taste.