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Step 1
  • First, you will need the best quality chestnuts you can find.
Step 2
  • Score the nut on its flat side. You will probably be able to tell when you are through the leather-like shell. It will feel hollow. You do not want to penetrate the nut itself.
  • If you're going to roast the nuts, now is the time to put them in the oven. I put mine on a cookie sheet for about 15 - 20 minutes at 350°.
  • If you are boiling them do it for about 20 minutes also.

Step 3
  • Once the nut has been roasted the shell opens up by curling back as shown here. The pellicle shows clearly now and appears as a secondary shell. A boiled nut looks nearly the same except that it appears moist.

Step 4
  • Whether roasted or boiled, the shell and the pellicle are now easily separated from the nut itself, seen center, and it takes only a few seconds to do the job, and I find it easier when the nuts are hot. Take special care when handling the hot nuts.
  • Now -- eat, and enjoy!