Colossal Orchards, Inc.
Steve and Patty Jones
Selah, WA 98942
(509) 697-4160

  • 18 acres of chestnuts, established in 1992
  • Bloom occurs in June
  • Sold to local markets as fresh produce
  • Chestnuts can adapt to many variable climates
  • Future markets include chestnut flour

From soup to, well, nuts, chestnuts reign supreme in the nut kingdom. Most nuts are high in fat and low in carbohydrates and best reserved for treats. However, chestnuts have less than two percent fat, are high in carbohydrates and have valuable proteins.

Chestnuts, in essence, are a high starch product like a potato or rice crop that grows on a tree. Fresh chestnuts contain 40% moisture and require some special handling after harvest. Whether mechanically or manually harvested, chestnuts require immediate refrigeration to preserve quality.

Chestnut trees produce a marketable crop by the fourth or fifth leaf. Mature trees can produce between 100 and 500 pounds of chestnuts per tree. Chestnuts can easily be cultivated as an organic crop. Our trees are a Colossal variety, which produce a large, sweet, easy to peel chestnut. These trees offer a tremendous opportunity as a long term, annual food production system that is relatively easy to maintain.

Chestnuts are a diverse food source. They can be used in many ways as a basic carbohydrate source such as a grain or vegetable, and in a variety of other manners.